Charger installations and potentially fatal situations in Derby had us on edge this week!

This week has been incredibly busy in the world of Hector's Electrics, from charger installation to discovering horrifying and potentially fatal situations. We will be giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look into what we get up to.

An image of the Wallbox Pulsar Plus 7kW EV situated on the wall

To start off with a new look, a Wallbox Pulsar Plus 7kW EV charger was installed in Darley Abbey.

An image of the new heating panel we installed with infrared lighting

Next we went off with a hotter note, installing the highest and latest room heating technology, using a glass infra-red heating panel which will replace the radiator for this dining room in Mickleover.


The fan in which we was working on which is bent and twisted up

In a big twist to the story, we were asked to fix this poor fan installation. The ducting should run in a straight line, unfortunately the inline fan is too small for the ducting run, insulated ducting should be used for this length of run.

The fan in which we was working on with grease stains on the celling.A close up image of the fan we was working on which was not completed by a previous installer

Coming up to our next stop was this fan that had stopped working, note all the grease marks on the ceiling at the top of the chimney which had severely impacted the fan. The previous installer didn't complete the ducting. A new extractor fan has been installed, and we are halfway through fixing the ducting.

An image of the fuse in which was left exposedAnother up close image of the fuse with the wiring bent and torn from its casingAn up close image of the fuse with wiring that was lose and arched

This next one is a real shocker, in a flat safety inspection, an Electrical Installation Condition Report was conducted within central Derby. This exposed fuse is potentially fatal, Fortunately we removed the fuse before someone got hurt. Within the same inspection, all terminals screws were found to be loose and there were signs of arching, and the live was burnt and melted. The earthing had failed, and the switch broke apart.

A service cupboard with holes that are greater than 1mm in size

Inside the service cupboard, there were oversized holes in the top of the enclosures. Holes should not be greater than 1 mm diameter to prevent objects such as wire falling in and touching live parts, This installation was in a potentially dangerous state. We made is safe by isolating the supply to the cooker circuit and removing the broken fuse. There is upgrade work to do at the owners' discretion.

The farmhouse box, which holds chewed wiring because of horses

This final job we will be talking about in this post was really something to chew on, we went to a farmhouse where we are quoted for installing an EV charger, and repairing a CCTV system that was poorly installed. In the stables, the horses had chewed through the cables, which could have ended in a big problem.

We bring a realistic view into what we see and do, and we believe it is important to talk about what we do as a company, but also to bring to light some of the more dangerous aspects that we come across.

If you have any concerns about your electrical system, please give Chris a call on 01332 410240, and we will take care of it as soon as possible.