Happy Friday! This week we have been installing extraction fans, CCTV'S and a whole lot more! Join us as we give you the run down!

Three bright showcase lights installed on a kitchen celling

Firstly, we went to Mackworth and installed these showcase kitchen lights.

A socket is on the wall, first a single and then a double next to it

Ip rated socket and fuse spur installed in Chellaston

The same sockets as before, now with a different angle

Another angle of the same installed sockets

CCTV being installed in the top corner

Hikvision cctv installed in Derby town

An extraction fan being installed by one of our electriciansSame as before, just with our electrician installing itSame as the other twoA final shot of the extraction fan being installed

A extraction fan is being installed by one of our top electricians, This was done in Allestree

An outdoor spotlight done in HattonAnother angle of the lights being installed on the outside of a brick houseA closeup of the doorNext to the window is more lightsA final closeup of the lights being installed in Etwall

All of the above images are of lights being installed in Etwall.

That is all for this weeks Friday blog, thank you all for tuning in and we will see you again next week for more exciting updates!