This week at Hector's Electrics has been incredibly busy, we hope your week has gone well!

The state of the cables as first found, wires are everywhere, it looks like spagetti

To start off with Chris was working hard to fix up this mess of cables!

Chris looking disgusted at the mess of wires

Time to fix up all of these wires!

Chris tests all of the circuits so he can see the state of the system

Chris then tests each circuit to see the state of them.

All circuits have now been removed, Chris is smiling happily at a job well done

Time to fix up all of this mess.

A mess everywhere, but that's okay because Chris is here to fix them up.

Now this looks even better!

Cleaner, tidier, all together more pretty than the mess from before

All wires are now where they should be, and all work as intended!

All cables are in order, smoothly placed in a nice pattern so its easy to see what goes where

Now it is time for Chris to pack up, a job well done!

Chris is all finished.

Next we then began our first fix of cables in Belper!

We began with working on this extension!

All cables you will see below are done ready for the customers plasterer to begin work!

A square cutout is in the wall with pipe

There is a lot to do here!

A socket space in the wall with the wires poking out, ready for us to work on.

More sockets ready to be installed.

Another socket

Thank you for reading, next week we will be back with another exclusive Friday update!
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