This week at Hector's Electrics we have been extremely busy installing heat alarms in a Kennels in Derby.

We have also been installing trunking for power smokes in Burton, before we installed downlights in Stanton By The Bridge.

We hope your week has been good!

Trucking along with power smokes and lighting installed in a 8 pen Kennel in Burton

To start off with we installed some trunking for power smokes and lighting in a 8 bay kennels near Burton.

Same as the first image but this time Jordan, one of our electricians is busy doing some of the work

Next is the same job but this time with Jordan busy working away.

Trunking and first fix of a heat alarm in Kennels

Next we installed the trunking and first fix of a heat alarm in one of the Kennels.

Consumer Unit installed in the Kennels

This next job was us still in the Kennels, but this time we was installing a consumer unit!

Infra Red heating panel installed in the kennels

We then moved on to installing a Infra Red Panel in the Kennels.

This next job is a recessed downlight in Stanton By Bridge

Our next job was a recessed downlight job in Stanton By The Bridge.

Masking tape where all of the beams are in the room

After that we used masking tape where all of the beams were in the room.

We calculate where the lights go making sure we was 50mm away from the beam

We calculate where the lights can go making sure we are at least 50mm away from a beam.

Using a laser level we marked along the lines, using masking tape to see where the lights will go

We used a laser level to determine where the lights would go, placing masking tape.

Using a dust debris catcher, as we make a hole in the celling for the light we can make less mess

We used a debris catcher to prevent mess from spilling everywhere as we drilled into the celling.

Once the hole has been made we run the cables through

After that we then run the cables through the holes in the celling.

Lights are fully installed and are tested to make sure they work

The downlights are installed, and so we test them to make sure everything works as expected.

All of the celling holes are filled in

We finished the job by filling in any of the holes that were left over. 

Later on this week we will be doing a more in detail blog post about downlight installations, so for that feel free to check out our Facebook page for updates. You wont want to miss it!