There are three types of Extractor Fans to choose from, from Axial fans, Inline and Centrifugal, all play an important role in removing condensation and prevent black mold.

An image of an Axial fan

Axial fans are installed on the wall of the room they are extracting, they push out air and the ducting run is short.

A circular in line duct fan

Inline fans are installed in a loft, they are for longer ducting runs and sit in the middle of the run, they pull the air from the room and then push it back out. 

A centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fans are wall mounted and they push the air down longer ducting runs. 


All are important, and can help you and your family prevent the dangers of black mold and condensation. If you need help deciding on the correct fan for your bathroom, give Chris a call on 01332 410240