Electrical Installations can deteriorate over time and with use.  Periodic testing is vital to ensure the safety of your household and your appliances. 

Some insurance policies maybe void if the electrical installation hasn't been tested.  Check with your insurance company.

Some facts:-

  • In the UK between 2011 and 2012 there were 20,403 domestics fires of electrical origin, that's 54% of all domestic fires.
  • This resulted in 10 deaths and 278 injuries.
  • A MORI poll conducted in 2011 estimated 2.5 million people receive a mains voltage shock a year in the UK
  • In 2010 28 people died from electrocutions and fatal electrical burns.


When should I have my property inspected and tested

The Institution of Engineering and Technology recommend every 10 years for domestic households, every 5 years for tenanted properties, or on change of occupancy.

What is inspected and tested.

The list of inspection and tests is exhaustive, below is a summary.

  • Socket, switches and fittings are inspected for signs of wear and tear, electrical burning and that all connections are sound and secure.
  • All cables are tested to ensure they aren't broken.
  • All cables are tested to ensure they are insulated from other cables in the circuit.
  • The installation is tested to ensure all earthing and protective arrangements offer adequate protection in the event of a fault.

Full details can be found in the IET Guidance Note 3  Inspection and Testing.

How much will it cost

We charge £18 for each circuit tested.  A typical 3 bedroom house will have 6 circuits so £108.

What information am I given.

You will be given the following, which you should retain:-

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Schedule of Inspections
  • Schedule of Tests

What if there is a problem

If a fault is discovered that could cause immediate injury we will do our best to fix it on the spot or isolate that part of your system.   For potentially dangerous faults and minor improvements we will notify you along with a quote for the remedial work.

How long will it take

For most households a full inspection and test will take 3 - 4 hours.

Things that will affect the time it takes.

  • Availability of the Electrical Installation Certificate.
  • Availability of previous Schedules of Inspections
  • Availability of previous Schedules of test results
  • Availability of Minor or Major Electrical Installation Works Certificates
  • Access to all sockets and fittings