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What are IP ratings?

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are defined in international standard. They define how well an enclosure is sealed.
Picking an item with the wrong IP rating can lead to serious injury or damage. For example a child could put a screwdriver into an enclosure and could be seriously injured or die. If water splashes from your shower on to the wrong IP rated extractor fan you could get electrocuted.
What are the ratings?
AN IP rating comes in the format IP##
The first digit is for intrusion protection, the numbers have the following meanings:

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What Electrics Can I Do Myself?

Do you know what electrical work you can do at home? All electrical work should comply with Part P of the building regulations, which is standard across the United Kingdom and its laws. You can do small tasks such as changing or moving sockets, ceiling lights or light switches, but if you can, you should always contact an electrician to double check your work after you have finished, as it is easy to make mistakes.