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Text that says: Plug Safety Inserts and Why they are dangerous, along with two hannds and one plug, in the hands are the plug inserts about to be used.

Plug Inserts and Why They Are Dangerous

Did you know plug safety inserts are dangerous?

Keeping your family safe is important, however not all products advertised truly keep you and your children safe from harm.

Plug safety covers claim to keep children from playing with live sockets, however all UK sockets are already designed to be safe. They feature a shutter system which provides protection against access to the live and neutral contacts.

How are downlights installed?

How we install Downlights

In this blog we take your through the steps taken to ensure your downlights are installed spot on and your home is kept clean and tidy. Pictures are taken from a recent install at Stanton by the Bridge.

The first thing we do is find where all the beams are, which would be supporting the floor above. We do this by using a stud finder.

A man with a questioning look over an image of bathroom zones

Bathroom Zones

Bathroom zones have certain grades of IPxX fittings. As per the image below we will explain each of the zones, and how it all ties into IPXX, if your bathroom combines or overlaps then a higher risk level should be applied.


An image of the bathroom zones

What is Ingress Protection? With a male looking curious, the background has dark blue, and then diamond blue geometric shapes.

What are IP ratings?

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are defined in international standard. They define how well an enclosure is sealed.
Picking an item with the wrong IP rating can lead to serious injury or damage. For example a child could put a screwdriver into an enclosure and could be seriously injured or die. If water splashes from your shower on to the wrong IP rated extractor fan you could get electrocuted.
What are the ratings?
AN IP rating comes in the format IP##
The first digit is for intrusion protection, the numbers have the following meanings:

A blue background with two slanted triangles, in the middle is a lightbulb with colorful insides, the title is What is emergency lighting?

What Is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting is important both for your business and home, for landlords it is required that you provide the proper fire safety and emergency lighting for your residence. In one story and two story houses conventional lighting is needed, whereas with four floors, you require emergency escape lighting if the escape route is complex and there is no effective borrowed light.