Text that says: Plug Safety Inserts and Why they are dangerous, along with two hannds and one plug, in the hands are the plug inserts about to be used.

Plug Inserts and Why They Are Dangerous

Did you know plug safety inserts are dangerous?

Keeping your family safe is important, however not all products advertised truly keep you and your children safe from harm.

Plug safety covers claim to keep children from playing with live sockets, however all UK sockets are already designed to be safe. They feature a shutter system which provides protection against access to the live and neutral contacts.

Two men thinking with a bold question of What Electrics Can I Do Myself.

What Electrics Can I Do Myself?

Do you know what electrical work you can do at home? All electrical work should comply with Part P of the building regulations, which is standard across the United Kingdom and its laws. You can do small tasks such as changing or moving sockets, ceiling lights or light switches, but if you can, you should always contact an electrician to double check your work after you have finished, as it is easy to make mistakes.