What is a Rewire?

A rewire replaces some or all of the electrical wiring in a property.  Quite often electrical components are added or replaced such as sockets, light fittings and consumer units.

When Should I Rewire My Property?

There are many different opinions about how often you should rewire a property:

  • When an electrical test and inspection says that a rewire is needed.

  • When you have rubber insulated wiring, (last used on the 1960's).

  • After a period of 25 years.

  • When problems keep occurring.

We would suggest you ensure you and your family are safe.  Faulty electrical wiring can cause fires or damage electrical appliances.  If it's been more than 10 years since your last test report get your installation professionally tested.  Check your fuse board or consumer unit for a "Next Test Date" label.  You can wait for problems to occur, but we often find the inconvenience outweighs the cost of an installation test.  See our "Why test my Circuits" page.

How Much Will A Rewire Cost?

This depends on the extent of the work.  Here is a rough guide:-

  • 1 Bedroom Flat £1,000

  • 2 Bedroom House £2,000

  • 3 Bedroom House £2,500

  • 4 Bedroom House £3,250

  • 5 Bedroom House £4,000

Things to consider that will affect the price:-

  • Type and style of electrical fittings, cheap white or brushed steel.

  • Concealed wiring or trunking

  • Led or Halogen lighting

  • Worktop lighting

  • Dimmer switches

  • Doorbell or Intercom system

  • Security or Garden lights

  • Burglar alarm installation

  • Fire Alarm

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Wall mounted TV or Audio systems

  • Telephone and computer cabling

  • Electric shower installation

  • Electric Oven and Hob

  • Loft lighting

  • Garage lighting and sockets

  • Central Heating Controls

  • CCTV installation

There is a lot to consider, so let us provide an accurate quote.

How To Save Money on a Rewire

  • Prepare the house. Lift carpets, move furniture, place dust sheets, remove pictures from walls.

  • Do the post rewire cleanup

  • Lift floorboards, wire will need to be run under the floor.

  • Clear the loft, wire will need to be run in the loft.

  • Do the post rewire decoration.  Rewiring involves making holes in walls to bury cables, some decoration will be needed after a rewire.

How Long Will It Take?

Most domestic rewires are completed within 7 days.  Our aim is to provide quality work within minimum disruption to you.