An image with the large lettering DID YOU KNOW? 67% of all fires are started in the kitchen, underneath is an image of a kitchen with a fire starting

67% Of all domestic fires start in the kitchen

Did you know that 67% of all domestic fires start in the kitchen from smoke detectors giving false alarms*. This number is too large to ignore. With over 200 fire related deaths happening across the UK every year and the FRSs having attended 217,795 false alarms in 2021*, action needs to be taken to prevent you and your family from danger. A heat detector that is connected to your existing system could reduce the risk of fire inside of your home, and prevent another number being added to the figures.  If you would like more information, please call Chris on 01332 410240.

Two men thinking with a bold question of What Electrics Can I Do Myself.

What Electrics Can I Do Myself?

Do you know what electrical work you can do at home? All electrical work should comply with Part P of the building regulations, which is standard across the United Kingdom and its laws. You can do small tasks such as changing or moving sockets, ceiling lights or light switches, but if you can, you should always contact an electrician to double check your work after you have finished, as it is easy to make mistakes.