In this blog we take your through the steps taken to ensure your downlights are installed spot on and your home is kept clean and tidy. Pictures are taken from a recent install at Stanton by the Bridge.

The first thing we do is find where all the beams are, which would be supporting the floor above. We do this by using a stud finder.

By using a stud finder on the wall we can see where all the beams are, this image is one of our electricians holding a stud finder to the celling.

We mark where all the beams are on masking tape either side of the room just in case the beams aren't running true or have been doubled up

We mark the beams we find with masking tape, this is a celling with a few markers of masking tape

We then calculate where the lights can go making sure we are at least 50mm away from a beam, and using masking tape we mark out where the line of lights will go on either side of the room.

We calculate where the lights can go, staying 50mm away from the beam

After we have marked 50mm away from each beam we then use a laser level we mark along the line using masking tape, to show where each light will go. Final positions are checked and confirmed with the customer before we install anything.

Using a laser level we can mark along the line using masking tape to show where each light will go, this is the laser level running across the celling in a perfect X

Once that is confirmed by the customer we then use a dust and debris catcher, we cut the holes into the marks we made making minimum amounts of mess.

This is Jordan up by the celling drilling with a dust debris catcher, this prevents debris spilling all over the floor

Cables are run to all locations ready for the downlights to be installed.

These are many cables where we made each hole

All lights are then installed and tested to make sure they work and are up to the customers expectations.

All lights are now installed where all the cables were, they are turned on to be tested to make sure each works correctly

Any holes are filled, they may require a sand back and paint once they are dry by the customers decorator.

Each light works perfectly, all of the holes are sanded in, and can be painted by the customers decorator if they choose

Your job is now completed. We hope that this article has helped you understand the process of installing downlights, if you have any questions feel free to fill in the short form below or call us on 01332 410240.