From Solar PV systems, to Underground Rewiring in Warwick, this week has certainly been busy!

This week has been super fun in the world of Hector's Electrics, from getting into drawing up Solar PV Systems to going deep into the underground for some rewiring.

Chris Hector sitting at his home office, a laptop is on a desk with some design work for Solar PV systems.

First of all, today Chris has been busy drawing up some Solar PV systems, which will be apart of our new services with solar panels. Keep your eye out for more content about Solar panels coming soon!

Multiple light fixtures dangling down with the wiring on the celling

Next we went back to Wardwick to continue our light fixtures as mentioned in last weeks update. 

Working on a electrics box

The next few photos were all taken in Derby City!

Socket Wiringsocket wiring

We wired up this socket also in Derby City!

Lock socket

Installing a light socket!

A lot of wiringJordan rewiring

Jordan is busy rewiring up this box deep in a basement!

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