This week we installed CCTV and Power Supplies in Hilton!

From CCTV to outdoor power supplies, we did it all this Friday.

CCTV Installation, a ladder is on the side of a building and you can see the cctv camera placed

This week to start off with, these next few photos are from the same job in Hilton, a CCTV installation.

The same image as above but now one of our electricians is posing on the ladder

One of our electricians fitting the CCTV.

CCTV Camera installation

Another CCTV camera from the same job, now on the side of the house.

A power supply with the words Front, side and Back

This power supply was placed in the same job, also in Hilton.

A plug installation in a shed

This plug was installed in a shed, also on the same job!

Another power supply, this time outside

Shout out to those in Hilton! This was an outdoor power supply installation.

A nice image of our company van with scenery

To finish this weeks post off, we want to thank you for reading, and we hope to see you all next week!