From Weatherproof socket installations to EV Chargers in Willington!

Above is the video of where we have been and what we have been up to, but if you prefer images with text below then read on and we will get right into it!

To start with we kicked off with a weatherproof socket installation in the middle of a existing circuit in Hilton.

This is a weatherproof socket being held by one of our electricians, there is wires and a lot of screws around and they are about to insert another wire in there.

After that we got this Myenergi Zappi installed over in Tutbury.


A myenergi Zappi EV charger, it is installed on the wall and looks great.,

We can see Jordan getting messy installing a cable for the EV charger.


One of our beloved workers Jordan is on the ground covered by grass and other outside items, he is working on a fence or wall and installing the cabling,

Next was a socket installed in Willington!


A socket installed on a wall, unfortunatly its a blurry photo but below is some material for protection

Two sockets were installed and they were perfectly level


Two sockets on a wall, with one of those straight checker devices, they are aligned perfectly

Once more we can see Jordan getting busy, this time installing some downlights in Littleover!

Jordan is reaching up, all over is downlights

We also installed this weatherproof consumer unit in Doveridge!

A weatherproof consumer unit in Doveridge

Incorrectly connected earth connection found in Hilton while performing other work. The customer was advised.

There is a lot of wires here

So that's what we have been up to, and we will see you again next time for more blog updates on what we get up to!