This week we installed an Electric Fire in Derby Town, Kitchen Downlights, a three phase CU and electrical sockets in Hilton.

We hope that your week has been well!

To start off this week we installed an electric fire in Hilton below is the detailed process of our work.

There is roll and Stroll flooring proctector on the floor, as well as a ton of tools ready to be used for the job!

Roll and Stroll flooring protector installed before we start work.

The fireplace is on the wall with precise holes placed into the wall

Rather than cutting a chase across the whole wall we were able to run behind the plasterboard and only cut holes when we hit plasterboard adhesive.

The chases are filled in!

Chases were filled with a specialist deep hole filler. The customers decorator simply needs to do a light sand back and final file.

A clear wall ready to be sanded by the decorator!

All mess cleared away for one happy customer on Bren Way, Hilton.

On our next job we installed some electrical sockets on a kitchen island

We moved onto Derby Town, and with that we began work on a kitchen, these electrical sockets are installed on the kitchen island.

The old version of downlights

This is an image of the old downlights that were installed

These are the downlights we then installed

We removed the old downlights and installed new ones.

A three phase central unit we installed also in Derby Town

This was a three phase Central Unit we installed, in Derby Town.

That is all from us this week, we will be back next week with more updates.